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About the Drug Discount Cards

Welcome to the Drug Discount Card Info FAQ website. Here are several questions that are most commonly asked of us. These may help you get started with using the drug discount card more easily. We're here to help you, so call or contact us if you have any further questions.

NOTICE TO WALMART PHARMACY CUSTOMERS: If you are a Walmart Pharmacy customer, you may be asked to present your drug discount card whenever you get your prescription filled. As a precaution, take your drug discount card with you each time, or save it on your smartphone.

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The drug discount card is a card designed to lower the cost of prescription medications by up to 80%.
No personal information or registration is required and the drug discount card is free of charge.
The discount card can be used immediately. Simply present the card to the pharmacist, along with your prescription, at any of the participating pharmacies.
There is a phone number on the back of the drug discount card that the pharmacist can call if there are questions on how to process the card. That number is 1-888-602-2978.
The drug discount card is not an insurance plan, but provides patients with discounted rates on prescriptions. When this card is presented with a valid prescription to a pharmacist, a 0-80% discount may be provided.
Unfortunately, the drug discount card cannot be used in combination with any insurance, so it cannot be used to lower a copayment. However, you may ask the pharmacist to process the discount card through the pharmacy's system, as well as your insurance card, then choose whichever offers the best savings. The discount card often provides better discounts than many insurance plans.
Patients who have Medicare, including Part D, Medicaid or any state or federal prescription insurance can only use the drug discount card if they choose not to use their government-sponsored drug plan for their purchase. The card is not valid if used in combination with those programs. However, the card may be used in place of your insurance and especially if you fall under one of the following categories:
  • Your insurance has no drug coverage
  • There is a high deductible
  • There is a high copay and the drug discount card offers a better price
  • There is a low medicine cap that has been met
  • You are in the Medicare Part D "donut hole"
All prescription medications are eligible for a discount. You can price your medications using our Drug Pricing Tool or ask your pharmacist to price your prescription using the Drug Discount Card. Currently the Drug Discount Card cannot provide discounts on medical marijuana (even with a medical card). Also, some pharmacies do not allow the discount card to be used for opioid drugs.
Yes, if the over-the-counter medications or medical supplies are written on a valid prescription, they will be eligible for a discount using the drug discount card.
Yes, the medication is eligible for a discount at a participating pharmacy as long as the veterinarian writes a prescription for a human-equivalent of the medication and the medication is purchased from a pharmacy.
No, the drug discount card cannot be used with mail-order pharmacies. However, over 65,000 pharmacies accept the drug discount card nationwide.